Purpose: To assess students' ability to perform a complete History and to perfrorm all the maneuvers of a complete Physical Examination as a prerequisite for entry into the 3rd Year Clerkships.

Activities: Students are expected to do a complete History and Physical Examination on 2 standardized patients (SP`s). Students are given 65 minutes for each patient encounter.

Breast Exam: Students are expected to perform a breast exam on each patient they see.

Feedback/Videos: Students are given immediate feedback by each SP that they see. Students also receive individual password protected on-line access limited to streaming video of their individual encounter with the male patient they examined (encounters with female patients are not filmed because of the sensitive nature of the breast exam).

What happens with results: After the last student has been assessed, the aggregate scores are analyzed. Students who perform one or more standard deviations below the class mean for both Histories or both Physical Examinations are contacted for remediation. This involves meeting with their tutor or a member of the Clinical Skills faculty and reviewing their video. Students will then get extra practice on areas needing improvement and students may be retested with an SP (done locally).

MIRS: Master Interview Rating Scale 2006 is the scoring system used to evaluate communication skills.

Write-ups: Students are required to submit a write-up of each H & P within 24 hours for review and constructive feedback from dedicated Clinical Skills faculty.

Click here to view the "YEAR 2 CLINICAL SKILLS ASSESSMENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION CHECKLIST" used by SP's to observe and score student skills performance.

Clinical Skills Assessment Year 2