On left-Cheryl A. Walters, MD, Recipient of the National Kidney
Foundation Serving Connecticut 2010 KEEP Volunteer Leadership Award.
At Podium-Robert B. Howell, Jr., RN, PA-C
*Associate Director Emeritus, Physician Assistant Training Program, Yale
University School of Medicine
*Director of Nursing Emeritus, Cornell Scott - Hill Health Center, New
Haven, CT
*Vice President and Director of Nursing Services Emeritus, Charter Oak
Health Center, Hartford, CT
*Member Emeritus, Medical Advisory Board, National Kidney Foundation
Serving Connecticut
*Member Emeritus, Board, Columbus House, New Haven, CT
On Left-Robert B. Howell, Jr., RN, PA-C
Center-Cheryl A. Walters, MD
On Right-Marcia M. Hilditch Regional Program Director National Kidney Foundation

National Kidney Foundation Serving Connecticut 2010 Awards Dinner in Middletown Connecticut
Walters: Dr. House
Using ChemE to Solve Complex Medical Problems. Cornell alumna profile featured
Cheryl Walters in the October 2011 quarterly magazine, "Olin Hall News".
The Lost Art of the Physical Exam
Physicians once relied on seeing, hearing and touching a patient to make a diagnosis.
Cheryl Walters is interviewed. "The Lost Art of the Physical Exam".
Yale Medicine
Winter 2009.
Scarce instructors, new tools
and a boom in knowledge have led to an ongoing experiment in anatomy teaching.
In the anatomy lab, a new way of thinking. Yale Medicine Spring 2005.
Student loses long struggle with leukemia
despite search for bone marrow match. Yale Medicine Winter 2010.
SGIM Launches EBM Project
SGIM Launches Mational Evidence Based Medicine Project. SGIM Forum 2000;23(5):1,5 (editorial).
Joel Silidker,
CCAS BA '74, SMHS MD '79
A great teacher, a great doctor and a great human being, invited to teach "The Approach to the Pelvic Exam" to second year medical students 2001-2010
National Kidney Foundation
This is the promotional spot of the National Kidney Foundation staff & volunteers
cheering for Team USA in the 2012 Olympic Games!
Dr. Walters has directed the most highly rated SGIM Precourses to date.
McKinley, E. 2000 Annual Meeting: A Look Back. Evaluations Underscore Success of 2000 Annual Meeting. SGIM Forum,23; (9):2,7.
Walters, CA and Richardson, WS. Striving for Excellence in Generalism: Precourses 2000.
SGIM Forum, 2000; 23(2):4,9 (editorial).
Announcement of the 1998 Arthur J. Mannix Jr., MD Award in Medical
Education to Dr. Walters and research colleagues for the project, "An Interactive Computer Based Tool to Reduce Costs and Improve Patients Outcomes Through Improved Performance of Physical Examination Skills." The Reporter, Columbia University Health Sciences,
December 1998: 9(5): 2-3.
A nice article on The Initiatives of SGIM Clinician Educator Taskforce by founding leader William T. Branch Jr., MD. (He asked Dr. Walters to assume the leadership in 1999).
SGIM Forum 1997;20(3):5,10.